Welcome to Westbury Capital Limited

Westbury Capital Limited was established, independent business advisory practice based in Mayfair, London working with SMEs that typically have a turnover between £2m and £100m.

The Westbury Capital Role and Mission is to be the catalyst in bringing clients and providers together and to create tailor-made solutions through Westbury own capabilities and those of its Associates & chosen specialists, all this combining to deliver exceptional added value to the specific deal.

We provide corporate finance advice and assistance in a wide variety of situations that include raising development and turnaround funding, MBOs/MBIs, mergers, acquisitions and disposals, including retirement sales. Westbury Capital takes on the lead advisory role, project managing a transaction from initial discussions through to successful completion.

Working with professionals

Westbury Capital works with network of accountants, solicitors, financial institutions, factors and discounters, asset-based financiers, venture capitalists, banks and financial institutions and chartered surveyors as part of a multi-disciplinary team. We form strategic partnerships and joint ventures with an extended team of professionals to resolve the issues facing financially-challenged businesses

Working directly with businesses

Westbury Capital works directly with businesses and individual stakeholders to rescue economic and stakeholder value. We focus not only on the financials but also strategic, operational, Information technology & Systems, people, processes and the marketplace….whatever stage your business is at – We can help.

Our strength is working with individuals and businesses on the operational level. We provide a “fresh pair of eyes” to a business. Most often than not it is sometimes the obvious that is missed especially when a business is in a fire fighting mode.

The team’s vast experience and network of associates has enabled Westbury Capital to successfully offer strategic planning and business development advice to business owners/managers, including restructuring, turnarounds, maximizing shareholder returns and grooming for exit.

Over the years the team has built up a wide range of experience covering most industry sectors including:

  • Engineering
  • Gaming/online/Casino
  • Food Distribution
  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Technology/IT
  • Recruitment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Internet/Ecommerce
  • Retail
  • Support services
  • TV and Media
  • Home/Building Products